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Steps To Improve Manufacturing Productivity

Steps To Improve Manufacturing Productivity

Collect data regularly

As you put efforts to comprehend your manufacturing processes in depth, you become better positioned to enhance your production process. First and the most important thing is to understand manufacturing patterns through data. The number of production hours, efficiency of production machines, time to manufacture each item, output per hour, and productivity of employees are some of the variables that highlight the overall efficiency of a manufacturing plant. Successful manufacturers keep track of everything happening on their factory floors.

Identify bottlenecks

It is very important to locate points in your workflow where production gets backed up because production processes are not properly integrated. Integration of production processes plays a vital role in bringing about an efficient factory floor where everything is connected and works in harmony. So, identify and eliminate bottlenecks in order to develop a more streamlined and organized workflow.

Upgrade manufacturing systems

Old-fashioned, manual production processes cannot meet the growing market expectations. Customers demand high-quality products. It will be extremely difficult for a manufacturer to address emerging market trends without implementing innovation and bringing in modern automation technologies. As a manufacturer, you should continuously look for modern production means that are fast, efficient, and flexible. It is the only way to maintain manufacturing productivity over a long period of time.

Industrial automation solution providers offer a variety of affordable manufacturing systems that you can integrate into your existing setup and witness dramatic improvements. Consult a reputable automation engineering company that can develop custom machines and control systems for your factory floor.

Find a Manufacturer Online

Find a Manufacturer Online

Forums – Try searching forums where people are discussing their experiences in working with manufacturers. You might be able to generate some leads that way in finding a manufacturer to produce your product.

Make Sure You Start Small – One of the most important things to know before you start working with a manufacturer is that trust must be there, especially if you are working with a foreign manufacturer and are not protected by US laws. The best way to establish that in the beginning is to start small. First, start by requesting a sample. Maybe the manufacturer will require you to pay for the sample and maybe they won’t, but even if you lose that money, it won’t be anywhere near as devastating as losing thousands on products that were never received or that were defective. Start with small product orders until you have established trust with your manufacturer.

Post Your Job on a Manufacturers Platform – There are a few sites who offer a platform where you can post your job and receive bids or contact information of manufacturers who are interested. This is another way to narrow down your search with less time invested. However, some of these services can be very expensive.

Directories and Lists – There are many directories and lists of manufacturers. Many of them hold contract information on 1000’s of different manufacturers. The difficult part about finding a manufacturer this way is that you literally would need to email, or fill out a contact form for hundreds of manufacturers before you found one that would respond to you with interest in producing your product. Also, many manufacturers have high volume limits. For example, they typically don’t like to produce products in the hundreds, they want to produce in the 1000’s or tens of thousands.